Happy baby

Happy baby means happy parent!

Baby activities tracking app for parents by parents

Happy Baby Plan has been created by parents, with parents and for parents.

Like yourselves we have read many books, browsed through countless Internet sources to gather knowledge that would help us to keep our babies happy.

We have been polishing this mobile app for months, working closely with moms and listening carefully to their feedback.

We have made sure our mobile baby app contains no unnecessary clutter, is easy and convenient to use and all the critical information are readable and easily accessible. Soon, using our mobile baby app will be your second nature.

Baby app that helps us, parents, to get and keep the situation under control

When we were still expecting parents, we thought that changing diapers or holding the baby correctly in its first bath will be the most challenging thing. In truth being a parent of a newborn is so exciting and overwhelming at times that it gets more and more difficult to remember what time it was fed the last time and how long for. Funny as it sounds, keeping the track of basic activities around your baby can take a lot from your shoulders.

Let our app do the memorization for you to have more quality time to spend with your baby!

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Happy Baby Plan Mobile App
Happy Baby Plan is a mobile app for parents
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